Photo by Natascha Ryvald


Freelance Artist

Sebastian Kloborg was born in Copenhagen in 1986. At the age of 13 he started his studies at the Royal Danish Ballet School, graduating in 2003 and joined the Royal Danish Ballet that same year. He danced in the full repertory of the company and took part in creations of world-renowned choreographers. In 2012 he joined Gauthier Dance//Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Germany, under the direction of Eric Gauthier where he ventured into more neoclassical and modern works. Besides his dancing career Sebastian Kloborg also co-directs the Group Dancers of The Royal Danish Ballet and has organized the benefit gala ‘Dancing for UNICEF’ in 2011. He also started choreographing in 2011. “Choreographing to me is movement for a reason. It is an intension guided by emotions. I want to create moods and pictures that can take the spectator somewhere else for a while.”